Top 5 things you need to about RHOA Porsha new man

If you have not heard, Porsha has a story line to keep her job. The story line is having a baby but no marriage. Some may call this life after 40. The lucky sperm donor is a Todd .

If you watch the show, Todd had no idea about his current position in Porsha’s life. Todd may have thought one thing. Porshe was just another T & A aka tits and azz.

The list of 5 things you need to know about Todd.

Todd is from Washington D.C.

Todd play football for Anacostia High School and University of Maryland

Todd has two boys and Baby Mother’s name is Audrey

Todd has Alleged history of domestic violence

Todd professional career is affiliated with Blue Labs .



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Will Dr Dre run from Feminist

Will the feminist stand up correct and go after Dr Dre?


Staff Writer


2016-10-16 .


If you recall Amber J Phillips went hard during a recent dialog with Roland Martin and the TV show titled “News One Now”. Her argument was based around rape, woman being victims of various problems and uplifting women. Phillips is accused of hurting the profit margin of the movie “Birth OF a Nation”. Phillips was encouraging people not to see the movie. Although there was a rumour that supporters of Phillips did not like Nate Parker because of his current relationship with a Caucasian woman. This rumour may not be true because the alleged rape victim was Caucasian too.

Well, Where is a Feminist when you need one. In the recent document picture about Michele . Michele is singer and, eyes witness to the N.W.A movement and west coast Hip Hop.

In the movie, it is clear that Dr Dre has some deep emotion problems that may need to face therapy. The only problem with Dr Dre emotional drama is Michele was the medication in a brutal way.

Where is a Feminist when you need one. Sometimes a feminist around when the stage is shiny with lights.

Although some feminist insider have stated a plan to attack Dr Dre’s brand, the money may talk and , the feminist may stand down.

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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt break up all everything you wanted to know

If you have not heard, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are splitting. The only problem with this divorced is life on repeat. Lets go down memory lane.

Jolie is known and has been documented to have mental problems. The problems were based off her child hood and various members of her family confirmed the information.

“Later, she contemplated suicide, first by pills, then, more dramatically, by taking a hit out on herself. But, in true Hollywood fashion, the would-be hitman talked her out of it. “Her suicidal thoughts came about because she has no sense of self. She had internalized all that abandonment as a baby,” one of Morton’s shrinks says (74). Morton says she came out of her downward spiral when she learned to play the drums. “I sincerely believe the drums helped save her life,” says Joey Covington, her drum teacher and the former drummer of Jefferson Airplane. Early on, when Covington was trying to get Jolie to really hit it, he asked her to write the names of people she hated on gaffer tape and stick them to the drumheads. Among those named? Her father and her agent. ” source

As Jolie aged, one can assume she has not continued her treatment. For example, while Jolie was young, she had mojo and, she could use it. One can verify this from past articles about her life with Mike Jagger, Billy Bob Thornton and her last whipped dude aka Brad Pitt. All the men were married or involved at the time. An upset and woman with alot adventure will win out every time.

Jolie free spirit is fading, the removal of her breast, the kids, the failed movies, Hollywood exec emails, and now allegedly her husband might need a new spring chicken with out damaged body parts.

This video Blogger explains more details about the past relationship and the current situation

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Are there Stereotypes in Donald Glover new show Atlanta

Donald Glover’s Atlanta Delivers strong racial stereotypes of African American Experience


Staff Writer


2016-09-23 .


If you have heard about the New FX show Atlanta, you may think of a new show for millennials but with the reinforcements of Good Times. Glover must have heavily compromised(sold out) to get this show on the TV box. Although the show has some funny parts and covers some social issues just like Good Times did, the show is basically reinforcing stereotypes.

If we look at the main character in the show Earn Marks, we noticed a few things. He has no stability, lazy, living off his baby mother and shooting for a pipe dream with no pipe or solid foundation. Yes, the good times.

If we do some character redevelopment, Marks could have been working at some place , doing a room share with somebody and paying his child support like a good responsible person. While doing all that, he still could have tried to be someone’s manager. Lets not forget , Marks was a DJ or ex DJ with no equipment.

The next character in this new millennials hood wicked show is Paper Boy. This is a new stereotype. Yes, a drug dealer that wants to be a rapper. A drug dealer that shot someone in today’s camera filled world and has not been caught. A drug dealer that smokes weed all day , plays video games and other stuff that low level drug dealers do.

Hmmm, Paper Boy character’s redevelopment. Nothing wrong Paper Boy being rapper , he can do that. Drug dealer hmmm no. Paper now works for Uber , or Lfyt or some other shared economy job. He now has the same freedom as the drug dealer but with a long life line. Paper Boy still can smoke weed and carry a gun.

The next character is Darius. Darius is Paper Boy’s friend. Darius is a drug dealer too but , he has philosophy to him.

Darius will become a used car sales person and have a shared economy job. Darius still can smoke weed and the other stuff that Paper Boy does.

The last person is a female. Well, she has a child and dates other dudes on the side and lives with her baby daddy. This sounds like a hoe. This needs some redevelopment.

Vanessa can be a single mom and,she still can work. Hell, in most cases the Black Woman is seen as successful in other ethnic groups eyes and, it appears the same way on the show. Vanessa does not have Earn living with her. This way her business is her business.

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Which Real Housewives of Potomac took part in the thug life?

Which Real Housewives of Potomac took part in the thug life?

Although a lot of the cast members on Real Housewives of Potomac state they come from money and well to do backgrounds, this has not isolated them from the facts of life. It appears. Robyn Dixon brother had a troubled past although he had a silver spoon lifestyle according to the story line of Real Housewives of Potomac.

The recent internet drama based around Juan and Robyn was about their home. The home was finally foreclosed but, it has been sold based on the data on The home was on the market for about 30 days. With all this new lifestyle. Robyn is still able to host parties , do her day job and stack her new paper.

Many people ask does her brother with the alleged gun charges show up. Does her brother that is about 6’6 235 solid and looks like he slap the skin of any dude take part in family events. Well, if you look at the Real Housewives of Potomac shows, you see no parts of him.

Many people ask where is he. They say he is already in many entertainment and street circles and is already known.

Many think that her brother has changed his ways and does not like mainstream industry stuff because his vocal points of views about the government, American culture and various people on the planet thought process.

A video is below of family member that is never talked about

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Did Charrisse Jordan throw shade on her stylist?did not name her

Did Charrisse Jordan throw shade on her stylist?did not name her

If you have been keeping up with twitter, lipstickalley and other internet spots, you know that the quality of hair weaves on Real Housewives of Potomac was below standard for women with allegedly a wealthy lifestyle. Well, Charrisse did an interview and with a weave that her money should have brought 6 episodes ago.

The only problem some people saw was Charrisse did not say anything about here stylist and drop the name. This stylist needs to be promoted into the lifestyle of save a bad weave.

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Loud Mouth Danni Starr fired from Kane Show ((tags:danni starr, where is danni starr ,danni starr Kane show gone,))

Loud Mouth Danni Starr fired from Kane Show
Staff Writter

Danni Starr has a strong radio personality and , this could be the reason for her departure from the Kane Show or money. If you are a fan of the Kane Show, you may have notice the ex reality tv star and long industry radio personality Danni Starr not on the air.

All Access is reporting the following formation .

Danni Starr (right) is no longer co-hosting with Kane on his Hot 99.5, WIHT morning show. Recently, DCRTV has fielding lots of rumors from listeners of the contemporary hits station who believe that she was no longer with the show. Starr has been off the air for a couple of weeks, occasionally posting messages on her Facebook page hinting at her having left the show, while the Kane show has been in “best of” mode on and off recently setting up its own speculation, AA reports. Hot 99.5 Program Director Tommy Chuck tells the radio trade pub: “Danni Starr is no longer part of ‘The Kane Show’ and will be looking at new opportunities within iHeartMedia. We appreciate all of her contributions during her time with ‘The Kane Show'”…..

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